Art Projects for Kids

Fall Tree with Blowing Leaves

The basic concept behind perspective is learning that the further away objects are, the smaller they appear. This painting idea comes from one of the Usborne art books, all of which I am very fond of.
1. Students start by painting an off-center tree, with trunks and branches. A thick trunk with thinner branches work best.
2. Colored leaves in varying sizes are painted next. Some may be left on the tree, some floating away or even off the page, and a few extra large ones. Some details may be added with the brown paint used for the tree.
3. Let the tree and leaves dry before proceeding. The grass may be painted next, taking care to go around the leaves.
4. Finally, a sky is painted in the background.
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Line Pattern Leaf

This is a study of patterns that could be simplified for kinder and 1st grade students. I drew my leaf and filled it in, but a large template to trace might help younger students get started.
PREP: If you would like a leaf template to download, click HERE.
1. To begin, the students trace a real leaf or template in pencil near the top of the paper.
2. A stem is added at the bottom, and veins are drawn up the center to divide the leaf into many shapes.
3. The students fill in each section of the leaf with a pattern. Challenge them to think of as many different patterns as possible. A black ballpoint pen or a very thin black marker work best.
CA Visual Arts Standard: Kindergarten
2.1 Use lines, shapes/forms, and colors to make patterns.
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MiDesign at

I’m so excited that my friends at Michaels are allowing me to try out their online store called MiDesign, which is a great place to customize all kinds of gifts. I just ordered my Van Gogh Iris art on a stretched canvas frame, and can’t wait to see the final as the online preview already looks so good. I’m thinking this might be the perfect solution for those that want to turn class mural projects into finished goods for auctions or gifts of any kind. The art will need to be scanned or photographed in its finished state before you upload it, but after that the MiDesign site walks you through all kinds of custom options. And if you hurry, you’ll get 50% off. Have fun!
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