Scratch Art Turkey

This scratch art technique is called “sgraffito’, and it works well with turkeys drawings that need lots of lines on their feathers.
1. I made a simple line drawing of a turkey (you can download HERE) as they are a rather unusual and complex shapes. Students trace the lines with a black Sharpie marker to thicken the lines. or draw their own for a moreie original picture.
2. The turkey is colored in with oil pastels. Important: this layer needs to be thick and it really helps to use some very soft oil pastels like the Portfolio brand.
3. The entire picture is colored over with a black pastel, pressing hard to cover as much of the first layer as possible.
4. With a wooden stylus or other sharp object like an embroidery needle, scratch away the black pastel to reveal the color underneath. Encourage the students to think about and change the direction of the scratching often to give their shapes more separation and dimension.
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